Client: Primius gradnje d.o.o.

Location: Maribor, Slovenia

Type: apartment building

In construction, 2019/20


Site Area: 5000 m2

Size (NIA): 5800 m2

The client has an area of 20.000m2 where two apartment buildings and 32 houses are envisioned. The first L-shaped five-storey apartment building with 89 aprartments is currently in construction.


Client: Private

Location: Maribor, Slovenia

Type: single-family housing

In construction, 2019


Site Area: 600 m2

Size (NIA): 180 m2

A modern two-storey villa with a roof terrace.


Client: S62 d.o.o.

Location: Maribor, Slovenia

Type: apartment housing

Newbuilt, 2019


Site Area: 1160 m2

Size (NIA): 550 m2

An apartment building with 8 units replaced a demolished abandoned building in the city centre of Maribor. ​​​​


Client: Ministry of Health

Location: Maribor, Slovenia

Type: government

Eneregy efficient refurbishment


Site Area: 1200 m2

Size (NIA): 940 m2

​​​​An old public building from the 80's was refurbished to new energy efficiency standards and the technological and functional needs of an emergency call logistic centre.


Client: LIDL Slovenia

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Type: commercial



Site Area: 3200 m2

Size (NIA): 6400 m2 (3 floors)

In Ljubljana, Lidl Slovenia planed a store sized 1700sqm with a parking garage with 120 spaces on the ground floor provided for the nearby company. The given spatial planing requirments for the site were three floors, so another two stores were added on the top floor of the Lidl centre. There are two access roads to the store with 100 parking spaces outside.


Client: Aerodrom Ljubljana

Location: Brnik, Slovenia

Type: parking structuress/hangar



Site Area: 5600 m2

Size (NIA): 2000 m2

Aerodrom Ljubljana, the main Slovenian airport, needed a maintenance building for the airplane-transport vehicals and buses on the Brnik Airport
(Letališce Jožeta Plecnika). The arched roof steel construction has a span width of 25m and a length of 78m.


Client: Avtodvigala d.o.o.

Location: Maribor, Slovenia

Type: parking structuress



Site Area: 2500 m2

Size (NIA): 150 m2

The client (private company) needed an additional parking structure for carlifts on the company site in an industrial area.


Client: Paloma Sladkogorska d.d.

Location: Sladki vrh, Slovenia

Type: industrial



Site Area: 2100 m2

Size (NIA): 4130 m2

A new production hall for paper processing in two levels is placed between two existing buildings. The main steel construction has a span of 18m with a length of 114m in13 axes. The foundation is a 40cm reinforced concrete slab on 25m deep reinforced concrete pilots with a diameter of 100cm.


Client: Konstruktor VGR

Location: Maribor, Slovenia

Type: residential



Site Area: 600 m2

Size (NIA): 490 m2 (2 floors)

A rowhouse-type building with six appartment units sized 40-80sqm and storage rooms on the roof terrace is located in a residential suburb of Maribor, Slovenia. The client's idea was to provide affordable apartments in an area of predominantly detached single-family houses.